Cape Verde Hotels
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Cape Verde Hotels on islands lacking direct flights

It costs a minimum of £200 per person to reach these hotels from Sal or other entry point.

Hotels on Maio

The Belavista is reopened for business. So its an alternative to the Marilu for the time being.

Hotels on Fogo and Brava

The Jaguar in Sao Felipe and the Pedra Brabo which is inside the volcano are the only smart ones on Fogo. The Motel Manuel Burgos is the best at Faja d`Agua on Brava.

Hotels on Sao Vicente

There are several in Mindelo town with charm but the Foya Branca is the only beachfront hotel

Hotel Foya Branca Sao Pedro Sao Vicente

Out at Sao Pedro near the airport, on the best beach in the island, but in a windy spot.

Hotels on Santa Antao

The best hotels are on the north of the island, the Blue Bell in the little port city of Ponta do Sol and the Pedracin ranch up in the mountains just inland, with wonderful mountain views.

Hotels on Sao Nicolau

There is only one for fishermen, the Tocely.

Hotels on Santiago

There are only two In the Praia area which are safe and reliable, adjacent on the small Prainha Beach. The cheap hotels are not recommended. The Hotel Tarrafal is on the best beach in Santiago but it is a long trek out over cobbled roads.

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