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Cape Verde Container Freight

Air cargo and airfreight and import duties in the Cape Verde islands

Cargo or excess baggage can be carried on normal scheduled aircraft departing from the UK. But this is very costly. If you exceed the normal 20kg baggage allowance or the 30kg in premium class, excess baggaed weighed in at the departure airport will cost £10 per kg to take into the Cape Verdes.

By special arrangement it is possible to havre a fare for larger shipments of £3 per kg. This has to be weighed in advance and checked again at check-in and covers all items over the permitted free allowance.

We have now succesfully imported 100kg excess loads on two occasions. This mostly consisted of lighter and smaller furniture.and household goods. Inevitably customs was very interested to check out all the bags on arrival. But amazingly enough no duty was levied even without a residency permit. One chair was broken in transt, probably at Gatwick, for which it is proving very hard to recover damage as everyone points a finger at someone else.

A few questions were asked about what was in the large boxes but when these turned out to be lampshades, customs lost interst. You might not be so lucky with expensive electronic equipment.In theory import duty for someone without residential status is around 30% on declared values.

Import Duties

For commercial items for resale, duties range from 40% up to 100% of the assessed value, which can be wide of the mark. They are particularly severe for furniture and similar items,which are deemed to be suitable for local manufactuire in the Cape Verdes.

In theory residents are able to import household items duty free. But getting residency is neither quick nor simple. Amongst other requirements you will need to submit paperwork from your local police to show that you have no criminal record. If a person can prove retirement through pension papers or has established a residency, then import duty is also waived.