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Cape Verde Car Hire

Car Hire or Rental by the week

This is available on Sal, Sao Vicente, Santiago and Boa Vista from Cape Verde Jetaway and with more difficulty on most other islands. Many hire cars are poorly maintained and dirty. Do not expect any reply to emails in English. Do not expect the desks to be manned after mid-day. INTERNATIONAL BRANDS are no better than locals just more expensive as they are all franchised and not policed by HQ. You need a 4x4 to get anywhere interesting on any Cape Verde islands. Suzuki Jimnys cost around £350 per week.

E from Grenoble did not book in advance and had trouble

"We hired a car and found it at the airport, but there was nobody to explain it to us as they could only speak Portuguese. When the time came to return it there was no paper work and we did not know where to take it. Fortunately one of the tour reps, spoke Portuguese and was able to find the owner and find out where to take it. We wanted to pay, but they should not be so trusting. "
K&C from Sussex were lucky to find one in town but received no warning about police traps
" We hired a car from Santa Maria- nice fleet of white jeeps, deposit was £90 cash, rate was £42 a day if pay cash or £45 on credit card. Best to go 09.00-10.30 to catch the man in charge before he goes home.. The police had their version of a road block outside Murdeira checking foreigners driving licences and fining you if you didn't have yours about your person "

A from Guernsey felt a 4x4 to be essential and booked in advance with Cape Verde Jetaway.

"we’re back from Santiago in one piece ! – thank you for your help with the hire car – all worked out seamlessly. Also thanks for your advice to use a 4x4 - ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL in my view. The island was as you described – we didn’t venture into Praia & didn’t encounter any unpleasant people – just the opposite in fact – the (few) people we rubbed shoulders with were really friendly & helpful – though we were quite “taken aback” by the poverty & general way of life etc."

Avoid Hertz and Avis as they are more expensive but no better

Avis Praia called the police when we complained about the repeated breakdowns of their hire car, which came with a dead battery.

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