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Cape Verde Education

English school proposal

Local schools teach in Portuguese for the Baccalaureate. There is a French international Lycee in Praia, Santiago island, Cape Verdes, but as yet no British or American schools in the Cape Verdes. At the school in Santa Maria, the children speak criolu. But a Slovenian lady is planning a new nursery and kindergarten operating in English for expatriate families and also for the many Cape Verde people with relatives in the US. There is already a one English-speaking school in Mindelo. N a Peace Corps volunteer from Arizona reports

"Also, there are three very good friends of mine who completed their Peace Corps service this past summer. They stayed here in Mindelo and have opened up a English school of their own. Their business is going well and I'm grateful to have them here. Casey taught at ISE for the past two years and so she has been a tremendous help. I am just grateful that there is someone else here who has been through the same experience and is willing to help me through. Oh yes, things could be worse."