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Cape Verde Fast Catamaran scheules

Two catamarans based at Mindelo and Praia

A previous service was withdrawn as Cats proved unseaworthy

Two catamarans imported from Singapore serve the inter-island routes. The passage from Fogo to Brava and the shorter trip to Porto Novo, Santa Antao from Mindelo can be rough in winter. Experience in the English Channel suggests that the service may have to be suspended in bad weather,

The larger vessel caries 178 passengers. One will ply Mindelo to Porto Novo twice or thrice daily taking just half an hour and charging £12. Once a week it will also link Mindelo with Tarrafal in Sao Nicolau taking just under two hours and continuing to Sal and perhaps Boa Vista . This is a significant reduction on previous journey times on conventional ships.

Kriola the smaller catamaran carries 158 passengers is based at Praia and links Fogo and Brava on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It takes just 35 minutes on the short passage from Brava to Fogo. and 3.5 hours from Fogo to Santiago.

Both vessels are more comfortable, considerably faster and more expensive than existing ships. The fare between Praia and Fogo is £60 return, which is less than a quarter of the normal airfare, The ships are air-conditioned and show local television programmes. But passengers report that they are frequently seasick due to the rough seas.

Cape Verde Inter island route schedules

Spring schedule

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
Brava- Fogo 0730-0810
Fogo- Praia 0930-1300
Praia- Fogo 1600-1930
Fogo- Brava 2030-2110

Tuesday, Thursday
Brava- Fogo 0730-0810
Fogo- Brava 1030-1110
Brava- Fogo 1900-1940
Fogo- Brava 2030-2120

Brava- Fogo 0730-0810
Fogo- Praia 0930-1300
Praia- Fogo 1700-2030
Fogo- Brava 2130-2210