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Horse riding in Cape Verdes

Beach rides on Sal, Boa Vista and Santa Antao

Santa Maria West

Two Italians Teo and Carlotta provide horses for riding along the beach, The horses can usualy be found grazing close to the Aeroflot disused hotel at the eastern edge of town. Rides leave from the Crioula Hotel morning and afternoon for €30 for an hour or €50 for two hours. L from Holland liked it.

"We had a very nice ride with the horses. My boyfriend was with me and, although he is not that experienced, he liked the ride as well. The highlight of the trip was galloping on the beach trough the water! So amazing! "

Boa Vista Sal Rei

Wild horses abandoned by the Portuguese still roam the interior of Boa Vista. Horses can be booked from the travel agency in the main square at a cost of €8 for half an hour or €26 for a ride up to the oasis and back. The ponies are small and not suited to heavy people. K from Hampshire, an experienced rider, was not impressed.

"I was really looking forward to galloping an arab type pony through the desert and along the beaches in Cape Verde. However it was not everything I thought it would be. There were some stunning ponies there, however ours were wiry desert dwelling creatures that had seen better days. As T is a complete novice they very kindly gave him a pony that must have been pushing ninety which even he found tame after five minutes. As for my pony, I suspect he had a bit of go in him, but I wasn't able to unleash it as riding styles are different. If they want their horse to trot they whip it. If they want gallop they whip it continually. They don't seem to have discovered canter, yet. I asked my pony to trot English style, whereupon he turned around and bared his teeth, ferociously, inches from my knee. We settled on a faster walk. All in all it was spectacular seeing the desert scenery at first hand and hacking along the beach, while our crazed guide galloped around us in circles, barely clinging on. I can't honestly say that I did any riding though, merely sitting ". 

Pedracin Ranch Santa Antao

This hotel in the mountains to the north of Santa Antao near Ribeira Grande, keeps horses which can be hired.