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Maio Boa Vista Santiago Sao Nicolau Fogo brava Sao Vicente Sal SantaAntao

Note: European flights land at Sal for the Barlavento (northern) group of islands and Santiago for the Sotavento (southern)

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You can Click on each island on the map to discover what it is like. With direct flights from Manchester and Gatwick to Sal and from Stansted and Lisbon to both Santiago and Sal it is possible to get to many of the Windward and the Leeward islands in a single day.

These are possible routings for a one week trip.

Sal to Boa Vista
Sal to Sao Vicente
Sal to Sao Vicente and Santa Antao(next day) by flight and ferry
Sal to Sao Nicolau (next day)
Sal to Santiago

Santiago to Maio (next day)
Santiago to Fogo (next day)
Santiago to Fogo and Brava by flight and ferry
Santiago to Sao Vicente
Santiago to Sao Vicente to Santa Antao (next day) by flight and ferry
Santiago to Sal

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Inter-island travel is fraught with difficulty but not quite this bad