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Thank you for your enquiry about Hotels in the Cape Verde Islands. We can help to find the most suitable travel deals to fit your schedule and your pocket. We sell this together with the direct flights from Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham , Glasgow or Lisbon to Sal or Boa Vista There are connections from Belfast, Bristol, Cork, Dublin, Newcastle, Glasgow,. Edinburgh and the Channel Islands many on budget carriers.. Prices may alter subject to dates, exchange rates or taxes.

Flights to Sal are on Mondays and Thursdays from Gatwick, Tuesdays from , Birmingham and Wednesdays from Manchester respectively. Flights are available for trips of one or two weeks only except from Gatwicj where 10/11 days are possible Flighjts booked early cost £329 but exceptionally can be as little as £250 but are often much more for late booking at popular dates such as Christmas, New Year and half terms.

For flights and accommodation at Hotels on Santiago, Sao Vicente, Santa Antao or Fogo please fill in the form. If you do not enter email and phone, we will be unable to respond.

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