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Cape Verdes Map

Where are the Cape Verdes?

There are 9 inhabited islands in the Cape Verde archipelago, three with fine sandy beaches, three with poorer beaches and three with little or no beach. The Cape Verde islands are either Windward or Leeward islands, due to the constant warm North Easterly Trade winds. Sal, the main airline hub is at the north-eastern apex

How far away are they?

The Cape Verde islands lie half way between Portugal and Brazil. They are just 3 hours flying time from the European mainland. They are the newest UK and Irish holiday, hotel, villa, apartment and property destination.

Sal Island

The main holiday island is Sal, which has the main international airport and most of the hotels. Its capital Espargos is near the airport and has the offices of solicitors, architects and other professionals. Santa Maria at the southern tip is the only holiday centre, with all of the tourist hotels, the best beaches and most of the water sports facilities. Palmeira on the west coast is the port with an unreliable cargo and passenger service to other islands. Murdeira has the villas and the only large swimming pool and tennis court.

Cape Verde`s Best Beaches

Cape Verde islands with good beaches

Boa Vista and Maio are likely to be the next islands to develop because like Sal they have fine sandy, empty beaches. Boa Vista is possibly five years behind Sal and Maio another five years behind that. Boa Vista can be reached with a daily flight from Sal and Maio with a flight on alternate days from Santiago.


Few like this island but it has half the population and is the capital. You can fly to it from Lisbon and it is the way to get to the attractive leeward islands of Fogo and Brava as well as Maio.

W from Yorks is in no doubt about where to go.
"Anyone looking to invest on the Islands, must visit. There is a big contrast between the Islands. None of this can be gauged by Holiday programmes, A Place in the Sun, or even less by a developer's brochure. I am not biased, I just want a sound investment portfolio, based on something that is real, attractive and where I feel I could happily go for 2 weeks holiday and find enough to do. After all, if you cannot do that, then who is going to rent your apartment. SAL ticks all of the boxes. There is so much spin going on between the different islands, the only way you will work it out is - GET ON A FLIGHT and see for yourself, as we have done."