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Funana Folk Music from Santiago

Accordion and iron bar music

Funana is Cape Verdean dance music from Santiago, accompanied by an accordion and a knife sawed on an iron bar. It developed nearly a century ago and is also played in Sao Tome. Two pioneering musicians named Funa and Nana may have given rise to the name. Accordions were used in village churches which could not afford an organ. It was played mostly in remote, rural areas often at wild parties, which often ended in excesses such as the abduction of young girls. As such, it was frowned upon by the island elite.

Carlos Martins revived the form with his band Bulimundo, converting it to electric instruments. It soon became very popular in rural Santiago and spread to Praia. Finacon, a breakaway from the Group, made several records in Paris Its biggest hit was Feia (which simply means ugly)

R&V from Scotland heard and saw this at the Belorizonte in Sal
"There was an entertainments group of young Cabo Verdeans who daily tried to animate the residents sometimes with success. One night we chanced on one of their shows which was very good, a lively music/dance production. I could only watch their native Funana dance with comparative arthritic amazement. Very enjoyable! "

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