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Riu killing of pet dog

Rasher Jacqui`s pet was killed outside the Riu Hotel Funana, Garopa

After the death of Rasher from strychnine on the beach near the Hotel Riu, his owner has posed some question in an unanswered letter. She stated the facts of Rasher's death and asked a few simple questions

* If Mr Chiarel Riu`s manager did contact ‘the authorities’ (although he stated to us that he did not) – what was it that he expected the ‘authorities’ to do?
* Was Riu`s head office aware of dogs and cats dying on the premises through possible poisoning since 2007?
* Has this been and will it continue to be the official policy from Riu to dealing with cats and dogs on the hotel grounds or will Riu change the policy of dealing with stray dogs and cats following this recent incident of the death of beloved pets?
* Has there been any internal action taken to deal with those involved?
* What will happen to the latest dogs that are coming to the beach and the cats that are still inside the hotel?
* Can the Riu guarantee that there will be no more poison put on the beach?
* Will the Riu give us an honest and factual account of the circumstances leading to the death of our dogs?