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Stop them from killing her

Killing of Cats in Sal and Boa Vista Cape Verde

Murdeira resort has killed so many cats that it became infested by rats. The Riu Karamboa also kills kittens

Jackie from Ireland says

"A friend of mine lost her cat to poisoning. She had her for 4 years and she died a horrible death. Yet another poor innocent animal succumbed to an indiscriminate awful painful needless death. This story is all too common here on this Island.It is heartbreaking for the owners who took the time to take these poor animals into their homes and give them their love only to have them killed. There are many of us here of all nationalities who have done this, but we are not the answer to a major problem here of animal neglect,cruelty, and indiscriminate culling by a cruel and senseless method.
I for one want to try and change this and I am asking for your help. Many of us have spoken of various ways in which these problems can be addressed, however as far as I know nothing has yet been done about it. Firstly I am starting a petition and asking anyone who is an animal lover or anyone who wants to see some sort of humane animal control introduced to sign it.
I will submit it to the mayor and hopefully with enough signatures it will put pressure on him to introduce the following measures. To provide funding for a responsible programme of neutering. To Stop the use of poison for killing animals. To introduce a heavy fine to anyone caught poisoning animals. To donate some land for an animal sanctuary This may be a tough task and many may say not a hope,but if we all work together and create a pressure group and KEEP up that pressure then something may be done. I get sick to my stomach every time I hear of someone who has experienced their pet suffering, sometimes for days from Strychnine Poisoning, so please lets change this."

Kittens are also being killed at the Riu Karamboa on Boa Vista. A veterinary nurse from Newcastle reports.

. "All of the cats we saw were pregnant and one of them had kittens on the path, whilst a group of tourists stood and watched. The Thomson Rep chased them all away. This was distressing for all concerned, especially the little cat involved. The hotel staff looked for the mother cat until they found her and took her kittens away to kill them. I have seen animals die of strychnine poisoning. I know that it is an unbearable slow painful death. If this is how they kill animals, please don't encourage them to come to the Riu. If you want to help the animals, take things to treat fleas and ticks as that's the most common problem and give them to a local vet if you can find one."

See a kitten with strychnine poisoning


Fatima the vet in Santa Maria on Sal; is trying to save her. She was brought in by her owner after she ingested strychnine put down by one of the hotels or restaurants in Santa Maria. At left you can see kittens that could not be saved because they were discovered too late.