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This is the story of Vlekkie. He was born on Sal in the Cape Verdes, in a partially wild state. He was taken in by South Africans who rented a villa in Murdeira, while still a puppy. Everyone liked him. Even other dogs. He was one of the sweetest, friendliest most amusing little dogs that you could ever meet, a real character. He had no enemies, or so we thought. But we were wrong -so very, very wrong.

Then one day when Vlekkie`s owners were away, the executioners seized their chance. Vlekkie has vanished. He was poisoned between 0800 and 1600 on February 15 2006. His friend Robbie who happened to be in his garden, met his sad end there.Their human friends are saddened, sickened and shocked by their fate. It is horrible to think that the person who demanded their extermination lives amongst us. This is not the first time. In 2005 a beautiful Labrador was murdered leaving half a dozen puppies. Residents rescued a few of the starving orphans. Murdeira will never seem the same again. Never will we see those little wagging tails. Never will we have the companionship and joy of those little dogs. The chief Executioner is still around and no dog will ever be safe.

Here is what George has to say about one of the sweetest little terriers that you could ever hope to meet.

"Vlekkie disappeared together with the other dogs that were always near Ernest`s house. I think he was poisoned and then removed. Robbie was poisoned inside Ernest`s property and I found him dead there just after 4pm yesterday. It appears as if all the dogs that were outside (and in Robbie`s case even inside) were killed. I am very upset still. I couldn`t do any more! "

S&J from Cornwall comment rather aptly,

"Extremely sad, disgusting and downright barbarisim! He was lovely. I used to say hello to him and smooth him down- he will be missed! What Next - whoever did it will be having Gas chambers for humans who don`t tow the line!"

The killing continues. An Italian couple who had brought Whisky with them from Italy and owned him for seven years, found him dead at Murdeira in Octyober 2013. His crime: he ran freely around the Murdeira complex and spent a lot of time near Reception. He was found 200m to the North of Nurdeira, on the beach, where his distrught owners found him swolen and covered in froth. Nearby is the shallow grave under rocks of another dogs. Perhaps this is the graveyard of dogs killed near the Murdeira reception.

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