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How to get around Sal, Cape Verdes

Travel within Sal is simple by taxi, which should cost no more than £5 by day or £8 at night. Until recently taxis would not cheat customers who do not speak Portuguese but reports suggest that this may be changing. So check the price first in euros. Alternatively you can flag down an Aluguer - usually a Japanese minibus or open pick-up with seats in the back. These cost no more than 80p for a journey and can be found waiting where the main highway starts at Espargos and Santa Maria. They depart when full up, which can take a while, especially at night. It is difficult to find one plying to Palmeira, which depart from a side street next to the largest minimarket.

Hire cars need to be 4x4 to get anywhere interesting but they will take you to deserted beaches. Cost s are high because of the 100% import duties on vehicles . but a reliable Jimny can be obtained for £315 per week. Thuis can get you to spots like Burracona and the Pedra de Lume salt lakes, barely accessible in a taxi.

English-speaking taxi driver

Alfonso served for many years in the British merchant marine. Originally from Sao Nicolau he now lives on Sal and drives a big Opel very carefully. He is available for half or whole day tours of the island or just for collecting you from the airpot. He can also be veery helpful if you want to go shop in the cheaoper shops in Espargos where the traders often do not speak any English. You can contact him through www.capeverdeje

Car Hire

This is relaiable and relatively cheaper on Sal than on other islands.It will take you to deserted beaches and places where most other tourists do not venture. A Suzuki Jimny will cost from £300 per week. Petrol is cheper than in Europe,

Car Hire on Sal

Beach Buggy or Bike

These can be hired in Santa Maria. Enquire near the Ponta Preta apartments or Porto Antigo.

Road Train

In Santa Maria there is a pretty road train which will drive you around behind the beaches and along the mai n streets.

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