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Something amiss with the undercarriage

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Passenger experiences on flights within the Cape Verde islands

C was on a bird-watching trip which nearly came to grief because of flight delays.

"A longer trip may be advisable given the unreliable reputation of the internal flights; previous birding trips have been hampered by strong winds and resultant dust storms causing planes to be cancelled All flights were with TACV unless stated otherwise. In general all TACV inter-island flights left between 30 minutes and one hour after their scheduled time. One change in schedule by TACV was communicated to our hotel. As such it is worth informing the TACV office in Sal Airport of your accommodation and contact details".

T from London has some advice

"If you want to arrange transport within the islands do not use the phone as you will almost certainly be at cross-purposes, with whomever you are talking to, This is still the case face to face. It requires a trip to the airport which is 15 minutes by taxi. Take a numbered queuing ticket from the machine and watch carefully since despite the high literacy rate, they cannot count, when it comes to queuing. Check in times and flight times are flexible and it is best to be early. Do not rely on being called
" Paul Miles of the Guardian liked the grogue and the music but his most useful advice is
"Despite confirmed tickets ,we were bumped off the domestic flight from Sal to Mindelo. It's best not to plan too many domestic flights in to your itinerary. You spend forever reconfirming and still worrying whether you'll actually have a seat. After that traumatic intoduction to the country which left C in tears.. "

G from Devon had another problem

" We had both the inter-island flights from Boa to Santiago and Santiago back to Sal moved forward several hours at one hour's notice so that made packing interesting. The 0630 transfer car didn`t arrive when we left Sal so we hailed down a passing truck and made the airport in time to fly to Boa Vista."
F is an American of Cape Verdean origin who had trouble on the Boston flighs

"I have to complain about TACV. When we got to Sal we missed our connecting flight because of a work-to-rule. Our baggage was not unloaded in time so we had to wait for a day in Sal. On each and every trip to Praia and Mindelo, the plane was late. Also they alter flight times but even if you leave TACV with a number to reach you nobody calls you. Returning to the US on a Wednesday flight, the plane didn't leave Sal untll 5 am on Friday. I had to wait two days in Sal. Once again no one called to let us know. I missed two days of work because of the flight delay. No note was provided for explanation of why the plane was delayed in the first place, so I had nothing to show my boss. I would like to see TACV change because people go on their vacation to have fun not to get upset. "

B&S from Iowa missed their connection in Boston

"Our 6 p.m. Friday flight to Boston didn't leave Praia until 4 a.m. Saturday. The tedium of waiting around at the airport was relieved a bit by a bus ride to a mid-town Praia hotel, where we relaxed in a suite and had dinner courtesy of the national airline. Of course, we missed our connection in Boston, but eventually arrived home to several inches of snow. "