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Charter Flight from Lisbon

Excellent connections from Ireland and UK regional airports

Flights to Sal, Santiago and Sao Vicente depart late evenings from Lisbon and return early mornings. They are available forany length of stay with accommodation. There are cv onnections from many airports in Britain and Ireland on budget carriers. You can leave this aiport and check in baggage with a human being and for €5 take a bus tour around Lisbon until your flight departure. At peak periods this is much the cheapest route from the UK.

Flights to Lisbon Departure Return Arrival
Bristol 1425 1950
Dublin 0715 1635
Liverpool 1315 1910
Luton 1230 1235

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D from Cheshire was impressed.
"The airline was a class act. When can a 6'2" passenger last remember not making knee contact with the seat in front? When did that same passenger last enjoy a free in-flight meal with complimentary drink? The boys on the ground were a happy-go-lucky crew, even while working the 'graveyard' shift,though the night porter had all the communicative skills of a zombie."
So was C from Manchester
"The airline was quite good. It all worked like clockwork. The bus collected us. The transfers worked perfectly. It was very good.We thought the whole package was well put together. We`ll definitely go back"
J from Bristol found that it worked well
"The tour operator in Lisbon were spot on, meeting us with all the documentation at the check in desk. It all went very smoothly. No rep. cover in Santa Maria, but being independent, we managed on our own. We found your information on the resort useful, not agreeing with all the comments on the eating places though. We have passed on your web site details to other Brits we met over there and over here. It is going to get very popular in the near future we think. Thanks for your help with the trip, we will be in touch soon for our next visit in May."

J from Sussex found the new airline very accomodating.

"Flights were great and easy-we found the Rep within minutes of arriving at Lisbon airport for the Sal flight. Having already managed to get my extra suitcase waived (through someone I know) at Gatwick, I couldn't believe my luck when the Rep did the same at Lisbon!!! So after all that it didn't cost me a penny! I'm sure it will be a one off though! "
D from Berkshire appreciated the need for support
"The Reps were incredibly efficient and we managed to meet at the check in desk at Lisbon and he had all the required vouchers and paperwork with no hassle. The efficiency of the travelling was unexpected. We had one flight that was an hour early but the Rep`s contacts in Cape Verde kept us well informed and our transport to the airport was always on time and could not be faulted."