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Cape Verde Flight and Ferry Timetable

Between the Cape Verde Islands

Direct flights from Gatwick and Manchester reach Sal. Santiago can be reached via Lisbon. Other islands can be reached by plane or ferry from there.

Boa Vista

The Barlovento cargo ship travels there on Saturdays from Palmeira on Sal returning on Sundays. There are also daily flights from Sal and excursion flights from Sal on Tuesdays. S from Herts found the trimaran u/s a frequent state of afairs.

"Upon reflection would have preferred to have travelled through the islands, but other guests reported numerous problems in this direction. Hotel Trimaran not operative."

Sao Nicolau

Flights on alternate days only from Sal.

The air service from Sal may be interrupted due to crosswinds on the runway which can make it hazardous. You may still get there on an executive service with Cape Verde Express. But have plenty of readies.You can also get to Sao Nicolau by the Tarrafal an overnight weekly ferry service from Praia on Santiago. It continues to Sao Vicente .

The Ferry Tarrafal Praia to Sao Nicolau Fri 2000 and return Thu 2000.


Can be reached directly four times a week from Lisbon or several times daily from Sal.

Sao Vicente

Flights from either Sal or Santiago or overnight ferries from Praia..

Ferry Tarrrafal departs from Praia on Tuesday nights returning Monday mornings. The Sottovento used to ply but sank.

Santa Antao

This can only be reached by ferry as the airport is closedt. There are good thrice-daily ferries from Sao Vicente. The new ferry is fast and cheap. It departs from Porto Grande, Mindelo, Sao Vicente, which is best reached by air from Sal.

Ferries from Mindelo to Porto Novo 0830 1330 1530 Ferries from Porto Novo to Mindelo 1000, 1500 1700 Fare €4


Early morning Flight or ferry from Santiago. The new Musteru ferry should have improved this service but it sank. .

The Barlovento departs on Mondays and Fridays just before midnight from Praia and returns two days later at 1400. The more modern Sal Rei Leaves Praia at midnight on Mondays returning at 0600 on Tuesdays.

There are also excursion flights from Sal on Thursdays. And there is a daily flight from Santiago, which can be cancelled if the inbound flight from Boston is delayed - a frequent occurrence in winter months . K from Scotland took the air courier.
"We treated ourselves to a trip to Fogo which was quite expensive but turned out to be good value for money - we went over on a private chartered jet with 12 others - very exclusive! It was a really interesting day and great food and the tour guides were great - and spoke English very well - we ended up going out for a beer at the end of the day with one of them!"


Also has an airfield with too short a runway. It can be reached by ferry from Fogo on a two hour trip twice a week, The Sal Rei , Barlovento ande Musteru all operate this route.

Ferry Fogo-Brava Thurs, Sats 0600 return 1000


can be reached only from Praia, from where there are flights on alternate weekday, a cargo ship twice a week .

The Barlovento visits on Mondays and Saturdays at 0500 returning at 1800.

R from Wilts took the ferry when TACV cancelled his flight at the last minute "The ferry was 11 hours late which meant it was still in port. We had no choice. But it cannot be reccomended as it was very full of livestock such as goats and donkeys and there was nowhere to sit."

On the Barlovento you must book a cabin if you want to sit down as the deck is strewn with sleeping passsengers and their baggage. Beer and ham sandwiches are served from a cubby by an indolent and rude waiter, who is often drunk.