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Flights to the Cape Verdes from other airports in Britain and Ireland

Direct flights from UK airports

Available from Birmingham, Gatwick ,Manchester,Glasgow and East Midlands..

There are flights from Belfast, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcatle and the Channel Islands, many on budget carriers, which connect with the direct flights on the day of departure. Sometimes the return flight will be too late to make a connection and you will need to stay overnight at the UK mainland airport.

You can enquire through capeverdejetaway

Early Booking of Flights

Book early as seats run out on popular dates and prices of all flights increase as availability falls on all airlines.

R&V from London went out on the second flight with Tommy which does not organise visas and had some niggles with customs controls.

"We turned up at Gatwick on 9 November for departure at 0945. Unfortunately flight was delayed and did not depart till 1630 on a replacement aircraft. Apart from the frustration of delay the airline provided a reasonable service. When we arrived at Sal late and dishevelled, inevitably we faced further frustration with Visa documentation. ‘We had not prebooked so our names were not on the computer’ So we had to pay and also had to wait in another line for another 40 minutes to complete the Visa stuff. We linked up with our tour rep who whisked us off to our hotel in Santa Maria and horizontal sleep."

A from Cambs was cancelled at 48 hours notice on the Stansted flights which he had foolishly tried to book without travel agency assistance, or advice.

"I had booked about a month early to go on the Stansted-Sal flight. But less than 48 hours from departure time, a message was left on my mobile that both flights had been cancelled! A full refund was offered. Alternatives via Lisbon were mentioned. To get through to them by telephone was a nightmare ."

M from London gave up trying to book himself

"Every time I have tried to get through to the call centre I have either had to wait about 20 minutes (on an expensive 0808 number) or I had to give up after holding too long. Also their website has been "under construction" for ages so you have no choice but to phone them or use a travel agency."
"I had booked about a month ago to go on the Stansted -Sal flight.,Less than 48 hrs from departure time, a voicemail was left on my mobile that both flights had been cancelled!A full refund was offered, alternatives via Lisbon were mentioned.To get through to them by telephone today has been a nightmare. From using 087 numbers, lengthy delays in answering the phone, and then cancellation at short notice. I am aware that these flights were only recently launched, that there was not much time to get full pax lists etc etc. However this is the real world, carry on like this and it will take a lot to restore my confidence! When a person has made extensive plans for your stay (accomodation etc), to be faced with not going, not a happy time."