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Cape Verde Container Freight

Shipping freight containers and duties in the Cape Verde islands

Cargo shipments to the Cape Verdes take three weeks, and are available only for full container. There is now a service every alternate week into the ports of Mindelo, Praia and Palmeira from either Felixestowe or Rotterdam, with connections from most other European ports. We are sponsoring a shared container service from the UK based on shrink-wrapped pallet loads at £250 per pallet. 4x4 vehicles not over 6m long cost £1500, but can be filled to the roof with goods. Import duty and customs clearance can be arranged at extra charge in the Cape Verdes.

We have now succesfully imported a container with mostly old but some new furniture. It was necessary to provide a complete list of items in Portuguese - they were fascinated by the futons. It was also necessary to get a signed and stamped declaration from a Council in the UK, theat all items were indeed personal belongings. If this is done the import duty for someone without residential status reduces to around 30% on declared values. The old teak benches from Surrey look just great on the verandah and seem to be withstanding the sun well enough!

Import Duties

For commercial items for resale, duties range from 40% up to 100% of the assessed value, which can be wide of the mark. They are particularly severe for furniture and similar items,which are deemed to be suitable for local manufactuire in the Cape Verdes. Cars and Jeeps over 4 years old carry a higher duty rate than newer cars. It is only worthwhile importing vehicles such as Suzukis and Land Rovers for which spare parts are likely to be available. You can also buy ex rental vehicles out in the islands but some of these are run into the ground before being sold.

In theory residents are able to import household items and one vehicle duty free. But getting residency is neither quick nor simple. Amongst other requirements you will need to submit paperwork from your local police to show that you have no criminal record. If a person can prove retirement through pension papers or has established a residency, then import duty is also waived. So is the sales tax on purchasing property, so it is a worthwhile exercise if you are no longer earning a living. We have not yet tested this.