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Hotel Alice - New Orleans charm

Family run pension bistro boutique hotel

This hotel was set up to by a French retired architect and his family. He designed it himself and hence it is an isolated trace of New Orleans in the heart of Santa Maria. It has a nice roof terrace where breakfast consists of croissants and good coffee. Amerigo`s restaurant is just down the street so the lack of a full board restaurant will not matter. Rooms are as you find them, perhaps a bit spartan and on the small size but this is a budget hotel in the French tradition.The focus is on eating rather than sleeping.. The Owner`s daughter is very helpful and speaks good English. It is about 100m from the beach which you can catch glimpses of from the roof terrace. There is no aircon so it could be hot in October,

it is a nice position at a crossroads in the heart of Santa Maria just next to the bar where Al the surfer offers advice to property buyers.

Prices are just £210 per person per week all year round.

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