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Hotels on Boa Vista

There are direct flights to Boa Vista from Gatwick on Thursdays, Lisbon on Saturdays, Glasgow on Sundays, East Midlands on Thursdaysand Manchester on Mondays. The best hotels are on the beaches to the south of Sal Rei and the airport.

Hotels on Praia de Chaves - the best beach

Dunes Park with bungalows on the beach.

The Dunes Park is now clearly the best normal hotel on Boa Vista, it is close to the airport, over a rough road. Prices from £219 per person per week.

All inclusives -spoilt for choice

Hotel Decameron is greatly improved by new Colombian management with nice food on a fantastic beach. It is all-inclusive but has waiter served restaurants where the food is cooked by a chef and brought to you at your table as well.

Hotel Riu Karamboa the Riu formula brought to the desert shore.

Hotel Boa Vista Star - Spanish dancing and food imported by cruise liner - opened late 2009 and is still shaking down - generally better than the Riu next door. It has a nice beach restaurant on the fabulous Chaves beach.

Hotels close to Sal Rei

Estoril Beach just outside Sal Rei

The pretty Estoril Beach is close to but no longer on a beach south of Sal Rei. It has now had a new building built between it and the beachfront, blocking most of the view. Service has been poor but may have improved with new owners. The dining room becomes scorching at mid-day as it has a low wooden roof so do not take full board. Prices from £160 per person for a week.

M from Kent comments

" Very nice although the whole area is a full on building site. The accommodation is set around two horseshoe shaped areas, with steps leading up to the accommodation on one side, and the restaurant in the middle. The waitresses don't seem to have a clue about service, or to care too much about anything. The hotel is run by an Italian manager Marco Vila, who has in depth knowledge about the area. "

Marco has now left and the place declined, but is now under new ownership..

Hotel Marine Club, Cabral Beach, to the north

An Italian hotel with small bungalows perched up a rocky escarpment at the far end of the dreary Praia de Cabral where swimming is difficult, due to frequent strong winds and powerful waves. It has a small sitting out terrace by a rather pebbly beach and a medium-sized swimming pool. You can also walk out on a gangway and sit in a small tower built over the sea and watch the waves crash onto the rocks below.

The rooms are in individual bungalows andsmall. Food is mostly past and pizza with some Italian anti-pasti. It ios describes as good by Italians but not so good by other Europeans. Service is however definitely good by Cape Verde standards and the staff are friendly and helpful. Some speak quite good English.

I from Italy liked the island but found the club dirty.

"The Club is aesthetically very charming but it has great faults:-cleanliness in the rooms (stained sheets, dirty cushions, unwashed towels); repetitive and poor quality food. Dining room hygiene is poor: plastic table mats never wiped and cats everywhere: just 15 sunshades for 200 people: monotonous and repetitive entertainment. More than 90% of clients including us had gastro-intestinal viruses with high fever, vomiting and dysentery caused by washing fruit and vegetables in contaminated water. The Club failed in 2008 and is attempting a relaunch. But the island is really beautiful."

Orchid Pension on Estoril Beach

Run by Gery, a Flemish sailor and his Cape Verdean wife who have converted their home into the shady Orchid guest house, this has views across the Sal Rei bay to Sal Rei island. Ideal for the diving and windsurfing spots a few hundred metres along Estoril beach. It features parrots and cats and a shady garden where you can take breakfast and drinks. Gerry is expert on all aspects of Cape Verdean life. If you are lucky he might take you for a sail. Breakfast is Dutch style bread and cheese but with nice fresh fruit and good coffee.

P&T from London liked the birds..

" The room was spotlessly clean and tidy . The hotel has a small courtyard surrounded by a high wall with greenery and plants in abundance, so feels very secure and leafy on the inside. The location is very good for getting into the town of Sal Rei. We counted quite a few pets in and around the hotel when we were there including a tortoise, 2 large talking parrots, dogs, cats and fish. There is a pizzeria and a friendly bar with food nearby. The Shell garage sells basics at all hours. "

Hotels in Sal Rei town

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