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Hotels in Plato central Praia.

Designed for visiting Reps not tourists

Plato is the main central area of Praia, buil;t on a high escarpment over the harbour, for security from marauding pirates. It still suffes from these in the form of vagrants, beggars, muggers and pick-pockets. If you walk around the cheap heotels here for long enough you will cwertainly be approached by somenbody who is after your wallet, handbag camera or rings.

The two hotels here nbelong to the same group. They are poorly managed and the staff are lazy and unhelpful. They refuse to carry your bags up the narow winding staircase to the dingy, airless tooms where the air con rarely works and the showers weep lukewarm water.

Hotel Praia Maria, Hotel Santa Maria 

Very basic, cheap but nasty hotels set in the mean streets of Plato, central Praia. You can get to them by taxi but canot leave again as taxis do nopt pass and the staff will not help/. if you leave your baggage on the pavement to go to look for a tin the next street, your bags will surely be stolen sooner rather than later. The hotrels do not respect bookings and you might easily find when you arrive at midnight tht your room has been occupied by somenody else. M from London had foolishly not booked and was lucky to get the last room in Prainha.

"The relief was amazing because en route I had been through the centre of town and seen the 3 stars. "

Of course some rash tourist will stay here as the hotels are cheap, but not if you factor in the likely cost of stolen money and chattels.

These hotels do not respect advance reservations

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