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Hotel Marilu

Vila do Maio town centre Maio, Cape Verdes

One of the only hotels on the island. You are quite likely to be the only guest with the Portuguese lady owner doing all the jobs of manager, desk clerk, waiter, chef and bell boy. It has basic rooms some with a nice view down over the bay. The beach at Vila do Maio, also lknown as Porto Ingles, since an English company extracted salt here. is truly magnificent.

With the closure of the airport, it is reachable only by fast catamaran from Praia. Flight and catamaran timings are not coordinated. This meana that it can only be combined with a stay in one of the hotels in Prainha.

Hotel Bela Vista

It is on the beach at Morro with lovely views over the sea.

M from Kent liked it.

" Hotel in Maio Very nice quiet accommodation, about 3 or 4 miles from the main town Vila do Maio one of the few places on the island that sells food. If you want lunch you have to ask in advance. Only one TV Channel on the box. Large pool, tennis courts, nice staff. Really enjoyed our stay there."
M from North Kent comments
" We were the only people there apart from a couple next door. The food was so generous that one evening we had it kept over and served up the next day. "
R from Wilts was less sure
"there was no water in the pool and the promised free bus service to town never operated. The service was not good but the food was super."

This hotel has to be asked for on special request as it is often closed

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