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Hotel Water`s Edge

Beachfront Santa Maria Sal Island

With a fabulous position jutting out into the bay It is owned by a former manager at the Convivial. We had to take him with us to get anyone to serve coffee and then it was slowly and sullenly served. The hotel rooms are clean but rather gloomy although some look straight onto a beautiful bay. Service is very poor but it has a good restaurant on a promontory jutting out into the sea. Double accomodation is similar in price to the Morabeza, which has far better service. It costs from £300 per person for seaview rooms. B from Ireland found a few problems but was taken by the view

"Thank you, it went well. The hotel was clean and well located. Service was slow. There were water pump issues and consequently no water for part of some days. My particular side of the hotel had only tepid water for the first part of the week. It was the sort of thing I had expected and did not bother to complain. However if I had brought my family it would have been an issue. I would have no problems staying there again. It is in a super location and the views are exceptional for those lazy lunches and sundowners in the restaurant and terrace."

M from Devon identified the management and service issues

"My wife and I stayed there at the end of March and I can honestly say I could not get home soon enough. It is staffed by particulary sullen individuals who seem to resent your presence and the level of service was non existant. The Hotel does not seem to have enough crockery or glasses and it was near impossible to find one that was not cracked or chipped. The only smiles that I saw were on the faces of guests as they departed for the airport. "

J from Yorks did not appreciate the service

"We have been to India. There they are laid back. At this hotel they just do not bother. Nobody comes to serve you."

E from Derby thinks it is improving

"They may have sorted the staff out now. The staff was friendly and helpful and the maid service very thorough and efficient. The hotel has a small beach nearby which is swept each morning apart from the sweeper`s day off. There were always enough sunbeds. The food was first class and the restaurant was well staffed and service wasn't a problem."

W from Malaga had no hot water

"The hotel looks very nice, but it wasn’t. We had a week without hot, or even warm water, to wash with. The cleaning and gardening staff would shout to each other at 7 a.m. giving residents a ”wake up call” whether you wanted one or not. The rooms were small. The entrance area had a strong smell of diesel coming from the emergency generator. The staff at the hotel is pleasant, but not helpful, happy to take your money but not to sort out problems for you. "

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