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Cape Verde Island Hopping

Visiting two or more islands over 1 or 2 weeks

Inter-island flights from Sal to other islands are unreliable, subject to delay and cancellation and expensive,. For this reason it is practiacally impossible or at least extremely frustrating to try to arrange your own visit when you get there. Most flights are booked up weeks in advance, even though you will see them depart half empty. Ferries are really cargo ships and leave Sal only once a week on an erratic schedule.

For this reason we suggest tours, with a Portuguese -speaking guide who will meet you at the airport, collect you from your hotel (some times at 0600 if the flight has decided at the last minute to depart early) and fight your corner if they try to bump you off a flight. if the worst happens, they can re-arrange hotels at no further charge. Prices are from Cape Verde airport and do not include European flight.

It is now possible to fly from UK airports to Sal or Boa Vista every day. So island tours can commence on one island and depart from another. From Sal there are inter-island flights to Boa Vista,Sao Vicente, Maio, Fogo and Santiago. So this is the best starting point. Santa Antao can only be reached by ferry from Sao Vicente.

Price per person May/June September-April
Days 10   10  
Sal and Boa Vista 575   £575  
Days 7 14 7 14
Sal and Santiago 545 975 545 1025
Sal, Sao Vicente and St Antao 550 759 550 789
Sal and Sao Vicente 455 705 455 755
Sal and Fogo na £660 na £710
Sal, Santiago, Sao Vicente 705 945 705 1005
B&B with two sharing seaview room where available basis. Christmas and New Year and July-August cost more

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