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Night Clubs and night music in Santa Maria, Sal

Night life is imited in Santa Maria although many of the hotels put on displays of local dance and some restaurants play live music. People have allegedly ended up in jail after losing their cards in the real night clubs. And even women complain that they have been accosted by male prostitutes. Drugs abound.

 Pirata Night Club Santa Maria

Pirata is not reccomended. M from Lancs felt he was ripped off
"Went into Pirata - one of the few discos in town. It costs €6 for a small bottle of beer - only had one! They stamp a card and you pay on your way out; so be aware of that one! Tourists have one card locals another, with different prices."
P from London felt that it was not a place for the unwary
"We went to Pirates the night club one night and apart from the lovely Cape Verdean dancing show this place is not for the faint hearted. Unless you are young and fairly wise to the ways of the locals and the immigrants I would avoid it (I would also avoid the tequila shots in there)!"

Funana Bar

Funana Bar in the main square is owned by Walther, a Bavarian and his Cape Verdean wife. It is a cafe and restaurant that has live music on Friday and Saturday evenings. It serves some Cape Verde dishes. Service can be very slow. J&T from London liked the music better than the restaurant. Walther can kill cats with his bare hands.
"We didn't get a chance to check out the nightclubs but we had a fun night at Funana which included traditional singing and dancing as well as a cameo appearance from an impressive 12 year old sax player who was fantastic although we must stress the food and service wasn't great! This happens every Friday and Saturday."

Cafe One

Built next to a brewery. a tall building on the outskirts of Santa Maria, it belongs to Steffannina, the Italian godfather of the island. Most reports do not rate the beer which carries his own name. Be very careful to safeguard your entry ticket or we think you might have real problems.


Despite the Italian name, this is English run and plays live music.. It is east of the old lifeboat station near to the Barracuda restaurant . Live music is Thursday to Saturday nights. G from Switzerland liked the music.

"One of the best evenings we had : music was excellent, the staff very friendly and the place beatifully furnished, clean and stylish. I especially enjoyed the music and the way, this open-mic worked: musicians and singers changed about every 20 minutes or so, each of them did a few songs. That way you can enjoy lots of different voices and styles and get in touch with young local sound.

Tam Tam Bar

An Irish bar that sometimes has music in the evenings. Mostly though the entertainment is English football or European rugby. Along the main northern street behind the Alizes hotel. .