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Restaurants and bars in Sao Vicente

Club Nautico

Along the waterfront where they bunkered coal, when Britain ruled the waves. It is a long thin building with an open roof, shielded from the sun by flapping jibs. It serves food and drink and in the evenings has a live band of guitarists and violinists playing the local laments. It is the place to meet passing sailors and the few local yachties.

Standard meals include fish, seafood and various meat dishes, all washed down with resonably priced Portuguese wine or local beer.

Chez Loutcha

Out on the edge of town on the road to Baia das Gattas. You may need a taxi to find it. But well worth the trip for the Senegalese, French and Cape Verdean food as well as the live Cape Verdean guitar music and singing in the evenings. Meals are about £8 and the food is some of the best in the islands.

Pasteleria Algarve

This is a Saigon-style bar with a terrace onto the street and bars with creepers protecting you against the pavement passers. No Molotov cocktails here though, just cold beer and wine and light snacks, as well as plenty of old British maritime relics. It is on Lisbon Street, the main street that leads from the fish market and French consulate on the seafront up inland towards the town hall.

Music Bar

Set in a courtyard off one of the streets leading up the hill from near the Club Nautico, this place has no obvious name. But it does play very good live music afternnon and evening and serves local beer and grogue. It is generally crowded with Mindelans who like its prices as much as its music.

J from Scotland liked several places

"Mango`s Rich pub restaurant (in the street opposite the Mercado Municipal) has a good menu for lunch, snacks and evening meal and has the best collection of scotch whisky , malts and blended, that I have seen anywhere outside Scotland. I also reccomend Nella`s restaurant and bar, which is situated in an old colonial style building and serves excellent food in a friendly atmosphere. "

Alliance Francaise

For those who can speak French this is the place to go for croissants and pastis. It is situated on the water front and dates back to colonial times, when the French like the British used to poperatre ships through the harbour on the South American routes. If you do not speak French it is best avoided.

Ponta d`Agua

A new bar, restaurant, swimming pool and sun bathing spot built right out into the harbour. It is all steel, glass and chrome because the local Mayor rejected the original plan for a colonial -style building which would have fitted in well with the other colonial-era buildings along the waterfront.

It will offer a small number of bedrooms. But the plan for the moment is to offer a much higher quality of shops. drinks, service, comfort and enjoyment than has been available in Mindelo up to now. Use of the swimming pool and other facilities will be charged.

What a shame.

Still it is very efficiently run by Eddy from Antwerp, who speaks excellent English and knows how to organise good service in difficult circumstances.