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Restaurants in Santiago


It is not a tourist town so restaurants are aimed at locals. The Cafe Poulet in a street off the main square offers crepes and cold beers. Sometimes it gets crowded out with the local and very vocal football fans. B from Manchester found some others.

" There are no restaurants were you could congratulate yourself on a gastronomic find but food isn't everything and we can recommend a couple of views alone and for the charming service as well as perfectly acceptable cooking: the 'O Poeta' next door to the Portuguese Embassy and five minutes steep walk from the Tropico with wonderful views from its verandas over the sea and City; and the 'A Falesia', again only ten minutes walk from Tropico, just beyond the Praiamar Hotel on road towards Quebra-Canela beach, hanging above a quiet bay so you can listen to the surf as you dine and admire the twinkling lights of the Praiamar dancing on the waves. In the city, amid the hubbub of Avenida Cidade de Lisboa you will find a Spanish restaurant 'Marisqueria' picturesque and rustic 'inside' (with tarpaulins and netting!) with swaying lanterns and gourds hanging from the ceilings, checked tablecloths, candles and a Spanish proprietor who produces some very tasty fish stews and paellas, and a delicious roast pork dish which was succulent beyond belief. The two 'Sofia' internet cafés in Plato are good for a pause for a much needed beer, particularly the one in the Palacio Cultura in Avendia Amilcar Cabral, which has an interesting bookshop on the ground floor where you can buy some very attractive 'coffee table' photographic records of Cape Verde and that rarity: a postcard!! "

Cidade Velha

This has a pretty open air bar under a large tree near the sea front and a barbecue along the beach that serves chicken and rice. Highly reccomended as an escape from Praia.