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I bought it offplansanta antao

Cape Verde Solicitors

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It would be prudent to use a local solicitor for any property purchase or business transaction in the Cape Verdes, as the islands have international organised syndicate elements just like any other Atlantic or Mediterranean island. There are several solicitors who speak some English or French and will help with the process of Escritura in front of the Notary. You need to use one resident on the island where you are investing. Amongst those we have come across, without special reccomendation are:

Santiago or Sal:

Sra Racquel Spencer-Medina, has an office in Espargos near to Bom Dia

Sal and Boa Vista

.Sr Schofield, has an office in Espargos

Sr Moreno, has an office at the airport and also works for ASA the airport company.

Rosemary de Rougemont has an ofice in Windsor and now in Santa Maria

A from Ireland took a big risk

"I bought in Djadsal Mmoradias and I am nearly sure have I been too careless asI never employed a lawyer. I have paid over my deposit signed a contact plus paid two further instalments. Has anyone else gone down the same road as me, and I am wide open for any advice that is available out there?"

He might have found out that they were built without planning permission which has subsequently led to difficulties in obtaioning escrituras ( title deeds)

S from Ireland did use a solicitor on the same building

"I have just gotten a report back from my solicitor and it is very worrying re Djadsal and Turinvest. They say that the contract does not really protect me as a buyer and there is no clause covering if Turinvest default . There is no committed dates for completion, they have not provided plans and blueprints. There is no guarantee for flaws or faults. Sra. Lilyan Oliveira is indicated as Turinvest's legal representative no longer works for the company. Also there is no guarantee re rental (initially suggested at 5% pa) nor 'free entry' to the Aquapark which was the draw in the first place. Has anyone else come across any of these issues?"