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Trekking and walking in the Cape Verde Islands

Trekking in Santa Antao and up the volcano on Fogo

There are wonderful trails around the volcano on Fogo and in the rugged mountains of Santa Antao. Because getting to either of these islands requires an unreliable inter-island flight and a ferry, it is essential to organise a programme in advance.

The usual practice is to have a minibus departure after breakfast with packed lunch to be eaten during the trek with another minibus recovery in the evenings. It is relatively cooler on Santa Antao and Fogo than on many other tropical islands because of the trade wind which can be fresh at times,off the mountain slopes.

C from Birmingham went up the Cha on Fogo.

"A walk up the volcano is worth the effort, start early in the morning. Patrick a Frenchman lives in Cha de Caldera, up there on the volcano. He is a first class chef and his restaurant food is superb."

P from Italy prefers to run through the Boa Vista desert

"Running in Boa Vista is difficult. The temperature is hot, exceptr when the Trade Wind brings relief (and more sand from the Sahara . Kit is a problem because Boa Vista has no shoe shops orsports stores. The island has hardly any shops at all. Everythingmust be ordered by phone from Praia, and shipped on the weekly ferry.
It is the environment, the nature around you, the beauty of the desert and the island that count. If you run with local kids then you will feel in heaven. The favourite weather is hot. Carry a water bottle, and run without music for it is best to listen to the desert song - sheer silence. The night sky full of stars takes your breath away. Every October in Boa Vista there will be an Ultramarathon. "
See Mountain Hotels that have views of spectacular mountain scenery. Although difficult to reach, they are cheerful, basic hotels ideal views as a base for walking or trekking.,