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The visa clerk is eye ore right now

Cape Verde Visa

Buy in advance to avoid mid-afternoon hassle

All visitors without Cape Verde passports now need a visa. A passport valid for six months is required. Visitors from the British Isles may buy a visa on arrival at Sal airport the main entry point for the Cape Verdes for €45 in cash (notes). US and Canadian residents should apply to the consulate in Washington. Belgian and Dutch residents or passport holders can get a visa from the local Cape Verde consul in advance. Residents of Spain or Portugal should apply to the Consulate in Madrid or Lisbonbut if they have UK or Irish passports can obtain them through Cape Verde Jetaway.

Cape Verde Nederland Mathenesserlaan 326 3021 HX Rotterdam
Tel (31) 10 477 89 77

Cape Verde Belgium Av/Laan Jeanne 29 1050 Brussels
Tel. (32) 2 643 6270 Fax : 2 646 3385

If you need help with the visa, send an e-mail to capeverdejetaway.com who can get them up to 10 days in advance of travel,

Cape Verde Jetaway supplies visas to people who book flight and accommodation through the agency, but cannot assist others as the visa mustbe related to the incoming flight. We are aware that some unscrupulous tour companies do not bother to provide visas. Please book with a specialist agency or tour operator such as Cape Verde Jetaway for your next trip.

X from Belgium had a real problem at Gatwick
" Thomson denied me boarding as I arrived at check in without a visa. The Consul said that he would have to send my passport to Rotterdam. The airline did not refund my ticket price."

L from Dublin was pleased that she pre-booked with Cape Verde Jetaway...

"Just to let you know all worked out fine with the hotel Pontao. No bugs!
Had a nice holiday but found it very hard to find any food that we liked. The weather was lovely though. Thanks for all your help and it was definitely worth getting the visas beforehand as it was chaos at the airport when we arrived."

A&L from Cheshire avoided trouble by prebooking
"There seemed to be mass confusion at the airport but we sailed through with our visas - thanks for that. We had to wait a short time to be collected and was initially worried when we couldn't see anyone but at least it gave us time to change some money"

For other matters the British honorary consul in Mindelo may but more likely may not respond.

Usually he has nothing of any real help to add.

Mr. Antonio Canuto (Cape Verdean who used to work for Shell)
CP 423 Sao Vicente Cape Verde
Tel :(238) 232 22830
Mob (238) 9916168
Fax: (238) 32 66 29

Assistant: Ms Isabel Spencer (Cape Verdean also)

Tel (238) 232 3512/232 3693
Fax (238) 232 1 2384
Email: isabelspencer5@yahoo.com.br

The British Embassy is in Dakar, Senegal, which is not much use.

20 Rue du Dr Guillet, BP6025, Dakar britemb@sentoo.sn 00221 823 7392

American citizens can get help from the US embassy in Praia martinsvc@state.net

For Americans and Canadians visas are supplied by the Cape Verde Embassy. Embassy of the Republic of Cape Verde to the United States of America and Canada. 3415 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20007

European citizens can contact the EU delegation in Praia 00238 2621 1392 for advice and assistance.

Leave plenty of time for replies from any of the above.

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