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Major Property Complexes

Cotton Bay

On Algodoeiro Bay


Inland from the West Coast road

Dunas Beach

West of Vila Verde

Leme Bedje

Inland from the East Coast Road


Behind the Hotel Morabeza


On the beach up the Highway

Paradise Beach

North of the Riu

Pedra de Lume

On the East Coast

Porto Antigo

On the old tuna harbour in Santa Maria

Ponta Sirena

On the southeastern tip

Ponta Preta/Esmeralda beach

On the road to the Riu

Tortuga Beach

On the Coast west of Vila Verde

Tropical Park

Next to the Djadsal

Vila do Sol

North of Murdeira

Vila Verde

On the Highway

Property Locations

Location of major developments on Sal.

Positions are approximate only as many developments have not started.

Cabocan (The name is an amalgam of Cabo Verde and Canarias)

This Canaries Company owned most of the land to the North and West of the Djadsal. S from the Canaries sets the scene
"I believe it essential to understand the geography of plots located in the Cabocan reserve. Cabocan manages the plots and provides infrastructure. Cabocan originally bought several huge plots A8, C1, C2, C3 and C4 in front of Vila Verde. There is no sea view from Vila Verde since in front of the plot are shop sites D1 to D11 and then the road from the Riu and then A8, C1 C2, and C3 which is Tortuga Beach, with villas, 2 beds flats on two floors. I believe that another company has an option on C4 and between C4 and Paradise Beach will be the Dunas Resort."

Fully detailed planning maps can be consulted at the Camara in Sal. All development plots that are authorised have reweceived alphanumeric codes such as A4.