Cape Verde Property
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Cape Verde Property : How and what to buy or rent

Cape Verde Property: Sal

Sal and Boa Vista are the islands which have most direct flights from European airports. Sal is much more developed and is where most Europeans choose to live.Cape Verde Property Location

Cape Verde property on other islands

There is a long history of failed developments on all islands other than Sal.

Renting property before buying

It makes sense to rent a property at least for a few weeks, before buying something similar. You will learn a lot about the problems of regular water and electricity suppy and how secure the block or complex is, without risking your capital.

Cape Verde Property Buying

Do not attempt to buy anything at all without your own personal solicitor in Cape Verde. You may come to regret it if you don`t.

Cape Verde Property Buying

Some simple rules to avoid regretting things later.

Cape Verde Legal information

How some of the laws should work in theory: in practice the country is quite lawless.

Cape Verde Land

It is very risky to buy land as it may never have water, electricty or road connections. It is also very difficult, as the Government in Praia prefers to sell land in enormous parcels with dozens of hectares.

Cape Verde furniture supply

How to get cheaper furniture for your property.