Cape Verde Islands
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Cape Verde Islands

There are ten Cape Verde islands of which nine are inhabited. They are divided into Windward (Barlovento) and Leeward (Sottovento) Cape Verde islands. Each has its own character.

Cape Verde Island Tours

The only practical way top see other Cape Verde islands is to prebook a Cape Verde multi-island tour as flights are almost impossible to book once you reach the Cape Verde islands.

Cape Verde Barlovento Islands

The wiindward chain of islands. Sal island The island with the main international airport and the best flight connections to the UK and Ireland. . It has the greatest tourist potential and the best beach. It has more restaurants, pizzerias beach bars and night clubs than any other islands.

Boa Vista island The airport runway has been extended. Its potential is second only to Sal with its miles of empty beaches and Sahara sand dunes in the interior.

Sao Vicente island The old colonial port of Mindelo is the place for music and song. Reached by flight from Sal or Santiago.

Santa Antao island Mountainous, remote and fertile. Thje place for walking and trekking.Reached by ferry from Sao Vicente.

Sao Nicolau island is obne of the best places in the world to catch blue marlin.

Cape Verde Sottovento Islands

The leeward chain of islands around the most populous Santiago island It has the capital and business centre of Praia and the second international airport.

Maio island Sleepy and undisturbed, with fine beaches, it can be reached from Santiago by ferry or plane.

Fogo island Famous for its volcano. Reached via Sal or Santiago.

Brava island Smallest and most remote and unchanged. Reached by ferry from Fogo, but only unreliably twice a week.

Porto Santo

The island with a golf course

Flights around the islands

Local Flights to Cape Verde islands Costly due to the local airline monopoly. Book well in advance as part of a package to have any hope of reaching your destination.

Island hopping holiday deals. You can save up to 30% on multi island trips by bookimng in advance with a tourist flight pass.

Map of the best beaches Wonderful long sandy beaches exist on several islands

Getting around the islands

getting about can be complicated on the more remote islands but is straightforward on Sal