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Restaurants Bars and Night Clubs Cape Verde

Restaurant prices -Santa maria

Typical restaurant prices are £5 for a main course, £5 for a bottle of wine, and £1 for a beer. Hotels charge about double this but restaurants used by locals, away from the main streets are cheaper still.

Cuisine and Diet including vegetarian

Basically Portuguese with some surprising traces of English Typical Dishes


There is a great choice of hotel, local and Italian restaurants in Santa Maria. There are also many pizza bars which can have faster service. Other towns like Mindelo, Espargos, Praia and Sal Rei have less choice.

Beach restaurants

Santa Maria has several along the beach


The Irish are already running some excellent bars in Santa Maria and there are two very nice ones in the Morabessa and the Olho d`Agua hotels.

Massage and Sauna

A French couple has opened a sauna, massage parlour and health spa in the orange building close to the pier in Santa Maria. They offer all kinds of special health treatments, which the French are very much into. Check it out if you have flight fatigue or are suffering from longhaul cramp syndrome. So far as we are aware this is not at all like a Soho massage parlour and you will not be given French lessons.


Several of the bars and the Yact Club in Mindelo play music in the evening. The Funana and Pirata in Santa Matria have disco dancing.


Most restaurants refuse to accept credit cards, which are hardly used on the islands, due to the cost of clearance through Lisbon. If they accept foreign currency at all, there is usually a surcharge. With Full Board at one of the hotels you can avoid this.