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Sao Vicente Baia das Gatas

North Coast seaside resort, Baia das Gatas

There were plans for two hotels at this beach resort on the North Coast., which is popular with residents of Mindelo. It is where the annual music festival takes place in August, but the rest of the year, it is quiet and somnolent. It is unlikely that much will happen in the near future as the developers that were interested in building resorts, here, seem to have gone away.

The sea is shallow for quite a long distance from the shore. So it is good for children to swim in, despite the fact that Gatas is Kriolu slang for sharks.

J from Rhode Island went there

We found a mini van/bus to take us to the other side of the island. As we drove out of Mindelo the colorful houses became grey concrete. We drove through desert like mountains, brown with dirt as their main surface, and a few houses. We came to the other side and got out on the beach. The town had one main street, and we were greeted by friendly children playing with sticks who excitedly wanted us to take their pictures. We met an old fisherman who was in a meeting with other fisherman. We couldn’t really understand him,
The drive out to Salamanza took about half an hour. The drive back to Mindelo took half that time, as our driver raced to get us back on time. I had a coffee and listened to a lady sing the longing melodies of Cape Verdean music. We then went to an outdoor concert and listened to great musicians who were either from Mali or Senegal. Sao Vicente is yet another place I wish to return to. "

As of now there has been hardly any change in the old village at all