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Cape Verde Portal 24 Forum Listings

The most useful information forum websites for information on the Cape Verdes

Here is a list of identified forums and sources of information on the Cape Verdes

Cape Verde Info

Run by Owners for the benefit of Owners, it accepts all-comers including property sellers and identifies them as such on forum.

Capeverdejetaway travel Information

The best source for travel advice to any of the Cape Verde islands

Cabo Verde 24 Cape Verde 24 CaboVerde24

Daniel a Spaniard from Paul in Santa Antao runs Cabo Verde 24 for income from ads on Cabo Verde 24. Deletes links or contacts for non-advertisers. Charges a premium price for ads in English on Cabo Verde 24 forum. Forum mainly consists of rude spats between unhappy owners and sellers, disguised under pseudonyms..

Cape Verde Portal CapeVerde Portal Forum Cape Verde Property Portal

Property selling forum run from Dartford. Sells properties. Sean (alias Johnny) Cape Verde Portal based on Sal escorts to selected properties only for commission. Customers allege that this is added to the sales price.

Sambalafriends Sambala Friends Forum

A closed forum for owners at Sambala operated by Graham Parker a turf merchant from Ross-on-Wye. Requires comments to be constructive..


Scottish medical website with tips for travel to the tropics. Vastly superior to the London equivalent.

Bradt Cape Verde Guide

The best but also only guide book - often outdated by rapid change. Written from the perspective of a hippy - strong on history.

Cape VerdeTips

Cheryl from Santa Maria in Sal offers ideas on buying property and travel. She escorts property buyers around for commission.

Cape Verde Bureau

Joao Roberto runs the Algarve restaurant in Liverpool and acts as part-time information source

Cape Verde Consulate Rotterdam

The Cape verde Comsul for Europe is based in Rotterdam . Only poor English is spoken and have not been known to respond.

Cape Verde Embassy Brussels

The Cape Verde Embassy to the EU. Can speak only French and Portuguese but if you can converse in either it is the most helpful Cape Verde Embassy in Europe.

UK Consulate Mindelo

The UK Cape Verde Consul, an ex-Shell employee is usually in Lisbon. Only rarely responds with general information of little practical value

Cape Verde Islands

A Google farm to sell Google ads operated by a computer technician who took it from his boss in Tenerife. General information on Cape Verdes with paid advertising links. It has been in dispute as to ownership.

Travel.state.gov Cape Verde USA

US State Department consular information for Cape Verde US. Better than the UK embassy which for Cape Verde is based in Dakar


Mark Latham from the Cotswolds bought land on Maio and diversified into land and property sales. The forum deals exclusively with Maio.

Boa Vista Experience

Andre Bergh a dentist from Cambridge and Jak and Laura Dowling from High Wycombe who have bought in Vila Cabral run this. It seeks to discourage any critical comment on Boa Vista and is rude or libellous about those who express it.

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