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Cape Verde Holiday Islands - an exciting holiday destination

The Cape Verde Holiday - empty beaches, warm sea, cool wind

Midway between Portugal and Brazil, the 10-island Cape Verde archipelago is a paradise for Holiday sailing, wind, board or kite surfing , fishing and diving. Every day is like a perfect English summer day with Cape Verde temperature range from 24C to 29C through the year Cape Verde holiday seasons are the same as in the UK but much warmer in winter months. In winter it is 10 degrees warmer than southern Spain. The Cape Verde coastal water is almost as warm, ranging from 22C to 27C. It scarcely ever rains in Cape Verde to spoil your holiday. There are no hurricanes, although some start in the Cape Verdes and blight Florida in the holiday season. So unlike a Caribbean holiday where you sit inside, shivering in the air conditioning, you can nearly always dine outside on your Cape Verde holiday.

Discovered by the Portuguese in 1460, the Cape Verde population today is just 400,000. The Cape Verdes share a Catholic, Portuguese-speaking, friendly and welcoming culture and cuisine with Portugal and Brazil. Many Cape Verdes people have relatives in the USA, so English is also spoken. The first British visitors to Cape Verde were the Royal Navy. Both Captain Cook of the Endeavour and Lieutenant Bligh of the Bounty called to re-victual in the Cape Verdes on their way to the South Seas. The British anti-slavery flotilla was based at Boa Vista in Cape Verde. Later Sao Vicente in the Cape Verdes became a coaling station and telegraph post on the route to Cape Town. Water is expensive and only 10% of land is farmed but desalination has transformed existence on the mainCape Verde islands of Sal, Santiago and Boa Vista and made holidays possible . It will come elsewhere as more islands open for holidays.

Cape Verde Holiday Information

This Cape Verde Holiday site is a collaborative operation for English-speaking people interested in Cape Verdes. It shares ideas and information, that are so hard to find out in the Cape Verdes. You will find much valuable timesaving and money-saving help with holiday booking and Cape Verde hotels, Santa Maria villas and Cape Verde flights from Manchester, Birmingham and Gatwick. The Cape Verde Forum, where you can put questions about Cape Verde holidays to other Cape Verde owners and Cape Verde investors and make new friends and contacts free from commercial pressures.

A from Rhode Island took a holiday and liked the people and the ambience of Cape Verde.

"Iit's a paradise that's hidden in the Atlantic Ocean. The Cape Verde people are friendly; each Cape Verde island has diverse regions and the climate is wonderful year-round. You can hike or surf on any Cape verde island while enjoying great cuisine overlooking a captivating and mesmerising country. Remember that there are ten Cape Verde islands to be explored and some are still not developed for tourism. Always book your accommodation before Cape Verde island-hopping unless you have friends and family there. "

Cape Verde Food and Drink

Many holiday visitors to the Cape Verdes are Italian so good pizza and pasta are on offer as well as local Cape Verde specialities like cachupa (fish and bean stew), fresh tuna and lobster. Cape Verde Wine is made on Fogo Island in the Cape Verdes, and lager is brewed on the populous Cape Verde island, Santiago. Cape Verde cuisine is Portuguese inspired and most food comes by ship. Tomatos, peppers and papaya are grown locally on Sal and more produce comes from other Cape Verde islands..

Cape Verde Weather for sailing and surfing

The Ca[pe Verdes lie in the Trade Winds belt, with a gentle Atlantic swell, Cape Verde conditions are perfect for sailing or surfing. Cape Verde winter winds are steady Force 4 to Force 5, but slacken in summer. National teams come to Sal, Cape Verdes for winter wind and kite surf training. Board surfing conditions in winter are excellent and Ponta Preta on Sal, Cape Verdes has one of the best breaks in the world. Grouper and tuna are plentiful inshore off Sal and Boa Vista the two holiday islands in Cape Verde and further out marlin, wahoo, sailfish and tiger shark can be caught in Cape Verde waters.

Cape Verde clear warm water for diving

Diving in crystal-clear warm Cape Verde water reveals brilliantly coloured reef fish and there are three wrecks off Santa Maria, Sal, the main Cape verde holiday island. Humpback whales bring their calves into Murdeira Villas Bay, Sal, Cape Verde for weaning in winter and dolphins and turtles are prolific in Cape Verde waters. There are some very rare and unusual Cape Verde sea birds on the outer Cape verde islands. Cape Verde has no green Golf courses or yacht marinas. But in Sal, the Cape Verdes holiday hub you can hire boats.

You can rent Cape Verde holiday villas for £500 and Cape Verde two bedroom apartments for £250. If you take your Cape Verde holiday now, you will be ahead of the crowd, moving down from the Canaries and Algarve, as they get spoiled.

Cape Verde holiday weather - air and sea temperatures in Cape Verdes

  January February March April May June July August September October November December
Air 24 24 25 25 25 26 27 28 29 29 27 25
Sea 23 22 22 22 23 24 25 25 27 26 26 24

Payment in cash only for Cape Verde holidays

hardly any Cape Verde hotel or Cape Verde restaurant in the Cape Verdes takes credit cards for holiday payment. So payment in advance is to be advised. You will need either Euro notes or Cape Verde Escudos to pay Cape Verde hotels for your holiday,, Cape Verde restaurants, rent Cape Verde holiday sports equipment or hire a car for a Cape verde holiday. There are cash machines at the Caixa in Espargos, Sal, Cape Verde and the Banco Atlantico in Santa Maria. Sal. Cape Verde but they charge £10 a time and then Visa or Mastercard will charge another 4%. Cape Verde escudos are only available in the Cape Verdes so we advise pre-payment before Cape Verde holiday travel.