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Leme Bedje Property Santa Maria, Sal

Leme Bedje surf hotel conversion

This was a run down surf hotel with terrible service and poor food, served on benches. Presumably it made no profit. A redesign and redevelopment has been planned into studios and larger apartments.

It has a wonderful site on the beach out towards the Aeroflot at the eastern end of Santa Maria.. It has all been knocked down to put up large and expensive apartments.The former hotel and restaurant has gone. In its place are new apartment blocks. The position is excellent on the Beach Road, It is 80 metres from the beach Some 62 one to three bedroom apartments with balcony or terrace. The hotel is also being converted into apartments. Prices range from £40,000 for a studio to £165,000 for the biggest apartment. Kitchens cost another £1200 for appliances and plumbing with furniture is extra. Prices appear to have been reduced recently.

Gruppo Steffanina is involved in the development. It does not always bother with planning controls, so this is one to check out carefully with the lawyers before paying.

M from Birmingham is hesitating.

"I am still considering buying a top floor property, but they seem to of gone up a lot. I have heard that the marina that was supposed to be built next to it is doubtful to go ahead. The beach bar is still not built and the pool areas still seem to be struggling. I have heard that the builder may not have proper building regs."

P from Essex is concerned anbout delays.

"I am buying and visited in March 2007 and the developer said it would be ready in April 2007. Since then despite sending many emails we have not heard anything."