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Murdeira Villa and Apartment Property

Murdeira Villas resort

Resale villas and apartment property are available in this resort, . There are larger villas at Murdeira with garden, large balcony and froof terrace.. The management company Turim is losing €200,000 a year and has abandoned most services. It does not show accounts to owners and two thirds of condo owners are boycotting the fees, Things can only imropve if the management is changed.

Murdeira Villa Resort has a large swimming pool, restaurant and bar for owners' use.There are a handful of English-speaking people in residence, but the development ismodstly German. t. . You can launch trailer mounted boats from the existing ramp in the Murdeira Phase 1 resort complex.

K from London liked the look of Murdeira but did not discover its real beach which is to the south

"I had initially thought before going out myself, that this would be the one for me. I liked the villas, size, position and price for space very good. The only problem, was the beach by the restaurant which simply doesn't compare with Santa Maria The main problem was that properties we had requested to see, were no longer actually available, probably 5 months out with resales. But it gave us an idea anyway. Lesson learned : Have to go out and see/ decide for yourself"