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Everything you wanted to know about Cape Verde life but didn`t know who to ask.

Life in the Cape Verdes is completely different from life in any North European country. The climate is wonderful, except in October when it gets hot, rains and the mosquitoes and flies arrive. But every other aspect of normal daily life in the Cape Verdes can be frustrating and difficult. In these pages we try to tell you how best to get around the bureacracy and the obstruction.

Renting in Cape Verde

It makes good sense to rent a flat or villa before you buy anything, so that you appreciate both the advantages and the difficulties that life in Cape Verde can bring.

Importing or buying a car.

This can be a complicated business, with some risk, by either way

How to furnish a house or flat and grow a garden

Importing furniture is one option. Importing furniture to the Cape Verdes is neither simple nor cheap, but at least you will have furniture that you like. There has been bad experience with buying furniture packs from developers and estate agents.So what about having things locally made and repaired ? Growing a Cape Verde garden is never easy

Pets in the Cape Verdes

Dogs and cats are still being poisoned with strychnine at Murdeira and outside some of the hotels in Santa Maria. If you take your pet out there you may lose it to a horrible death. There are alreay lots of affectionate strays looking for a good home..

Cape Verde Crime

Moastly petty with a rare armed robbery or murder but increasing especially in Praia and Mindelo.

Cape Verde Sea and Air Freight Information

You can only ship full containers. It is easier tor take accompanied freight by plane.

Cape Verde customs can be a nightmare to deal with.

Cape Verde Business Information

It is not easy to establish a business in the Cape Verdes due to red tape.Cape Verde attitudes can be very negative to deal with.Cape Verde investment risks can be considerable.

Cape Verde Property How and Where to Buy

How to buy without regrets later.

Basic rules of buying property

You should always use a local Cape Verde solicitor for any transaction involving money. Cape Verde Mortgages are not available before completion. Cape Verde Tax local tax is levied on declared property values

Education and schools in Cape Verde

There is a lycee in Praia but other schools teach in Portuguese. There have been plans for an English school in Santa Maria, but so far there is only an Italian one