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Properties in the Cape Verde Islands

Thanks to its perfect climate and improved airlinks to Europe, Sal in the Cape Verdes has been enjoying a property boom. Property prices are low in Cape Verde but rising as new hotels raise land prices and more people discover the Cape Verdes magic. Five new hotel and apartment Property complexes are approved for the area around Santa Maria and Murdeira in Sal, Cape Verde. The Cape Verde Minister of the Economy Joao Pereiera Silva has just signed property agreements in Praia with Cape Verdean registered property companies Tecnicil, Editur, Murdeira Golf Resort, Paradise Beach and Cabo Golf. These have been approved by Jorge Fidalgo, president of Cabo Verde Investimentos (Cape Verde Government) for new hotel property developments in the south of Sal, but like Murdeira Beach property resort they are reallly for apartment and villa property.(This is a local legal fiddle that gives Cape Verde property a tax break). The owner of Paradise Beach, Jorge Spencer Lima, a Cape Verdean property developer, describes this as a significant property development in Cape Verdean property entrepreneurship. The total value of the Cape Verde property resorts is put at over $200m when complete.

Property Off-plan Sal- Santa Maria

The south of Sal, Cape Verde, is the main focus for property development particularly in Santa Maria. Building of new property are limited to three storeys, to protect sea views. Some are very close together. Land is scarce and although building property is cheap, prices are rising on the seafront. But Sal could never be as spoilt as the Costas or the Algarve, due to tighter property controls. Average property prices at €1,000 per sqm or less are less than half European property price levels. The Italians who control much property favour tiny bedsits crammed 8 or 12 to a block of property, which will not suit everyone. Among the main property developments in Santa Maria are Porto Antigo, Salinas and Leme Bedje in Santa Maria on the shoreline and Djadsal Moradias, Morabeza and Turtle Bay in central Santa Maria but a block or two back from the sea.

Property Sal West Coast and Santa Maria West

Along the West Coast of Sal are Paradise Beach, Murdeira and Vila do Sol. .Inland along the Highway from Santa Maria to Espargos is Vila Verde and on the Riu road out of Santa Maria are Ponta Preta and Cabonuba.

Property Sal East Coast

The Djadsal property developers have come up with two new property developments on Sal at Ponta Sirena the south-eastern tip of Santa Maria and further north at Pedra de Lume salt mines on the East Coast.

Property Off-plan Santiago

The most famous development here is Sambala, but there is also a new villa development at Ocean Garden near Cidade Velha and the Golf Resort. Near the airport and Praia is the Ponta Bicuda peninsula development. On the nortch coast at the pretty fishing village is the Tarrafal Sands site.

Property Off-plan Boa Vista

There are developments both north-east and south-west of Sal Rei along the beaches Praia de Chaves, Praia de Cabral and Estoril Beach outside the town.

Property Off-plan Sao Vicente

The biggest plan so far for some 1300 hectares of villas and flats is proposed for Calhete Grande on the south coast. There is also a small 10 villa development at Calhau on the east coast.

Property Off-plan Maio

There are several rather shadowy developments on this island.

New Property Developments approved for Sal

This is the list of officially authorised sites. Others may not have approval.

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