Cape Verde Flights
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Flights to the Cape Verdes

The islands have had good flight links for ages. Charles Lindbergh made a pioneer flight to Santiago, aiming for South America. He took six hours from Dakar. But his wife did not like the island and he returned to Bathurst. Not much has changed there. Mussolini built the airport a few years later in an early gig on his 1933-44 world tour season.

Cape Verde International Airports

The main Cape Verde international airport is now on Sal . Other international airports that have international flights are at Santiago, Sao Vicente and Bioa Vista. Sal has flights from major european airports. Inter-island flights link Sal to the larger Cape Verde islands of Boa Vista, Sao Vicente and Santiago, but they are expensive at £120 return and hard to book, Sal is the most European of the Cape Verde islands and the one with most tourist facilities..

Direct flights from Birmingham Gatwick and Manchester

These are several days each week to Sal or Boa Vista. leaving early mornings and returning late evenings.

Charter Flight from Portugal to Cape Verde

These depart Friday nights from Lisbon and in summer from Porto as well.

Flight from Ireland to Cape Verde

There is a choice of routes via UK or Lisbon.

Flight between Cape Verde Islands

Expensive and unreliable as to timetable. They must be booked before you leave Europe. Cape Verde Trip Advisor Flights passenger experiences

Flights from the Continent to Cape Verde

There are cheaper flights from Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris Orly and most German air[ports. There arealso flights from Italy and Spain.

Flights from Boston

There are twice weekly night flight from Boston Logan to Praia. It is often delayed.

Flight between Cape Verde Islands and Canary Islands

There are flights twice weekly from Gran Canaria to Santiago.

Flights with TACV what goes wrong?

There are so many things that can go wrong with TACV

Passenger experiences

Ferry between Cape Verde Islands

Many Ferries are actually cargo ships, carrying live goats and donkeys as well as people and taking a day or two to get anywhere.

Ferry Timetable between Cape Verde Islands

Smaller islands can only be reached by ferry. Otherwise flights are usually to be preferred

Car Hire

This is available on Sal and with some difficulty on other larger islands. Avis and Hertz are more expensive but no better. Avis on Santiago will cheat you if they can. It is a franchise so there is no point complaining to HQ.

Getting about the islands

Only Mindelo and Praia have bus services. But most other islands have aluguers or shared pick-up transport. It is possible to hire bicycles and quad bikes