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Hotel, Villa and Apartment Accommodation in Cape Verde

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Beach Front





Beach Bar

Room pp



The best hotel in Santa Maria, with lovely grounds, open air restaurant, beach bar, swimming pool open air restaurant. Sea view, Garden, Suites and 4 person Duplex

20m £250 £125 Yes


Santa Maria,Sal
Murdeira Villa
Two and three bedroom villas in an established resort with views over Monte Leao and the Bay.Lovely evening sun. Restaurant with ocean view and pool bar. Tennis, Boules, Volleyball, Gym

30m £125 £75 Yes £150

Murdeira, Sal

Dunes Park

Bungalows on a wonderful empty beach with the morning sun coming on to balconies. Flowers in each garden and plenty of space between huts

15m 170 80 No 217
Praia de Chaves Boa Vista
Foya Branca
The only beach hotel in Sao Vicente on a windy beach near the airport.It has villas for 4,6 or 8 and rooms facing the sea to the south west backing on to the generally strong winds 15m £150 £100 No £233 Sao Pedro, Sao Vicente
Water`s Edge
Cape Verdean hotel built on to the rocks. Small pool and rooms are passed overlooked by a passageway. Very poor service. But nice restaurant with ocean view 5m £200 £100 Yes £258 Santa Maria Sal

Bungalows set in cultivated gardens. All-inclusive Italian food and wine. Music played around the pool. Tennis court and Pool


20m na na No £356

Sant Maria Sal



Bungalows and normal rooms with a choice of Board or all-inclusive. Offers tennis, kid`s playground, and evening music and dance. Has wifi


15m £160 £96 No £234 Santa Maria Sal

Italian version of Butlins in wonderful location on the best beach. Built on a hill so all rooms have sea views. Poor management. Food mostly pasta and pizza, Tennis coaching

20m na na No £385 Praia de Chaves Boa Vista

Formerly Russian hotel in wonderful location on the windsurf beach. Small rooms,a bit spartan. Large pool with sun umbrellas. Poor service

20m £120 £60 No £338 Santa Maria Sal

In a pretty fishing village of Tarrafal with the best beach on Santiago, this offers a quiet and relaxing escape from the horrors of Praia.

15m na na
No ;£154 Tarrafal Santiago

Sea/mountain view


High on a cliff top looking out towards Brava with clear view to the western sunset. The best base for visiting the volcano.



15m £140 £85 No £208 Sao Felipe Fogo
Business Hotel withConference Centre, very good restaurant and pool
15m £280 £140 No £320 Prainha Santiago
Business hotel with large pool set on the rocks above the sea. Conference centre with wifi in rooms. 20m £160 £80 No £220 Prainha Santiago


Ranch set half way up a hillside with incredible views of the mountains and soaring birds of prey. Horses and peacocks abound here. It has a small pool

5m na £69 No £200 Ribiera Grande Santa Antao

Town view

Pontoon The best value and well managed 10m £140 £80 No £138 Santa Maria Sal
Boa Vista Small but has aircon No na £59 No £152 Sal Rei Boa Vista
Dunes New and rather starkl 15m na £115 No £259 Santa Maria Sal
Chez Loutcha

Musical evenings and creole cuisine

No na £80 No £102

Mindelo Sao Vicente

PG Large hotel in the main square 15m £165 £80 No £213 Mindelo Sao Vicente
Tocely The only one on the island No na £89 No £129 Tarrafal Sao Nicolau
Marilu Some have sea view No na na No £105 Porto Ingles Maio
Estoril No longer on the beach No na £79 No £219 Sal Rei Boa Vista
Riu Funana, Riu Garopa Sun factory in the desert 20m na na No £490 Ponta Preta Sal
Black Point Apartments Terrace has sea view No na na No £170  Santa Maria Sal
Sunshine Apartments Clean and good value No na na No £140 Santa Maria Sal


French family hotel in the main street with a nice roof terrace for breakfast Basic small rooms under the eaves, Can be hot.


No na na No £157 Santa Maria Sal

The best hotel in Ponta do Sol

No na £75 No £139 Ponto do Sol Santa Antao
Jenny Nice position on hill overlooking port No na na No £99 Mindelo Sao Vicente