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Villas, apartments, Murdeira, Santa Maria, Sal

Private Villas and apartments in Murdeira or Santa Maria cost less per person and have more space than hotels.

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Hotels Sal

There are no Sheraton hotels or Hilton hotels in the Cape Verdes. Hotel rooms are often simple and basic and service is sometimes slow but friendly. Some are Butlineria holiday camps, full of Italians exercising to loud music, or Rius full of Germans strutting to the buffet.. But here are the other attractive hotels in wonderful positions. Hotels are usually cheaper if booked together with a flight.

Hotel Morabessa

The best hotel in Santa Maria. It was built in 1957 as a family home, not a hotel. .

Hotel Agua

With a fabulous position jutting out into the bay it is Cape Verde owned. Similar in price to the Morabessa, which has far better service.

Hotel Horizon

These were originally built by the Cape Verde Government but were sold to a Portuguese chain, which operates them more efficiently.

Cheap Hotel Santa Maria, Sal

There are several cheap hotels in Santa Maria. They are usually in the town, 100m or 200m back from the beach, behind the star hotels.

Hotel Pontoon

Best of the cheap town hotels.

All-Inclusive Hotel Riu Funana Riu Garopa

The Riu is all-inclusive only. They are on open desert a couple of miles out of Santa Maria and about half a mile back from the beach.

All-Inclusive Hotel Lighthouse

The Farol is all-inclusive only. Unlike the RIU IT IS ON THE BEACH well out of Santa Maria. It offers Italian style in place of German rigidity. A much better choice.


Hotels on Boa Vista

Mostly these are built out on resorts on the fine beaches

Hotel Dunes Park

The Hotel Parque das Dunas is the best out on Praia de Chaves near the airport..

Hotels on Maio

The Belavista is closed due to lack of business. So its the Marilu for the time being.

Hotels on Fogo and Brava

The Xaguate in Sao Felipe and the Pedra Brabo which is inside the volcano are the only smart ones on Fogo. The Motel Manuel Burgos is the best at Faja d`Agua on Brava.

Hotels on Sao Vicente

There are several in Mindelo with a lot of charm and the Foya Branca is the only beachfront hotel

Hotel Foya Branca

Out at Sao Pedro near the airport, on the best beach in the island, but a wind acceleration zone.

Hotels on Sao Nicolau

There is only one for fishermen, the Tocely.

Hotels on Santiago

There are only two In the Praia area which are safe and reliable, adjacent on the small Prainha Beach. The cheap hotels are not recommended. The Hotel Tarrafal is on the best beach in Santiago but it is a long trek out over cobbled roads.

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Most hotels decline credit cards, due to the cost of clearance through Lisbon. If they accept foreign currency at all, there is usually a surcharge. Pre-payment is advisable. Rates quoted are always per person and include a flight from Lisbon or London. Rates increase by between 10% and 33% in mid-summer and at Christmas, depending on the hotel.

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